In Japanese ashi means foot and atsu means pressure so, altogether, ashiatsu translates to "foot pressure". Inspired by ancient forms of Eastern barefoot techniques, Ashiatsu is a western adaptation of barefoot massage techniques.

Therapists utilize their body weight and bare feet as a massage tool to apply a deeply relaxing and therapeutic massage. Parallel wooden bars are used above the therapist's head for support and balance which allows the therapist to use gravitational force along with centrifugal and centripetal movements enabling them to deliver up to 3x deeper pressure than with traditional hands-on massage.

Ashiatsu Benefits:

Deep Tissue Without Discomfort.
The foot provides broad, consistent pressure that creates structural change throughout the body, decreasing pain and inflammation all while inducing deep relaxation. You will enjoy the same increase in range of motion, decrease in chronic pain and tension along with stress relief as you would with traditional massage but with more pressure and less discomfort during and after your treatment.

Elongates Muscles and Detoxifies.
Many ashiatsu strokes help to elongate the spine. These movements dramatically stretch shortened muscles, which help in relieving pain and discomfort. These long fluid strokes also help flush the body’s lymphatic system, which releases metabolic waste at a very high rate. We recommend drinking plenty of water before and after a treatment to help with the detoxification process.

Frees Up Bundled Nerves.
Movements along the para spinals and the lumbar region can relieve muscle spasms and open the intervertebral foramen (where spinal nerves pass through). It will give the nerves more space as well as increase circulation by bringing more freshly oxygenated blood to the area being treated.

Improves Posture and Decreases Pain.
After only a few treatments, ashiatsu barefoot massage has been known to improve posture and range of motion. It will significantly reduce or eliminate chronic muscle pain, and improve bodily functions, which will create a higher sense of balance and wellbeing within the body. Typically, one treatment a week for upwards of six weeks will produce these kinds of results.

Ashiatsu is not suitable for everyone.
Due to the compressive nature of Ashiatsu massage, therapists must take extra precaution with certain client conditions. The following is a list of conditions that would be contraindicated for receiving an ashiatsu treatment:

Recent injuries/surgeries                 Pregnancy or trying to conceive            Contagious skin disorders                                                                              

Auto immune disorders                    Compromised immune system               Uncontrolled high blood pressure or low blood pressure           

Acute liver/ kidney disorders        Advanced diabetes                                         Blood disorders/DVT or history of and aneurysm                           

Acute neurological disorders

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and to find out if ashiatsu is right for you.